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5 tips for adding kink to your nightly fun

How many of us have come across 50 Shades of Grey and thought “that would be nice to try sometime” but never ended up doing it? There are times when it’s good to be bad, and for many, the perfect time is when you want to surprise yourself and your partner with an escapade that you all will remember for a very long time. For anyone feeling like they may have fallen into a routine and need some spice in their sexual encounters, we wanted to give you some ideas for creating your own steamy scenes.

1. Relax during foreplay

Did you know that the sensations you experience can change based on how tense or relaxed your muscles are? To experience a different feel, try incorporating an ultra-relaxing foreplay activity before you get busy. This can include naked full-body massages, foot rubs with oils, incorporating massage tools, or even getting into a jacuzzi or hot bath. Once you both are properly relaxed, try teasing your partner with a feather, your fingertips, or tongue. Then as you escalate, you should find that the pleasure is experienced through an entirely different set of sensations. 

2. Spanking and other physical contact

Spanking can be a surprisingly intimate experience. The physical contact and releasing of control can create a trust and bond that is hard to replicate outside of BDSM play. Try slapping different areas of your partner’s body, and at different strengths, making sure to get their feedback on what they like and do not like. Once you have it figured out, it can be a great stress reliever and naughty secret. You can also slowly start bringing in padded floggers and other tools of mischief.  

3. Dirty talk

We have an emotional response to words, which means that we can have a uniquely emotional or passionate rendezvous through expression. The key is to find out ahead of time what your partner is okay and not okay with. You might just find that the idea of being called a derogatory name really turns your partner on and their excitement goes through the roof. As long as you discuss it with them first, you can call them names, or even begin by telling them what you’re going to do to them and how what they are doing feels to you.  

4. Get loud

Loud expressions of how you are feeling can be therapeutic. There can be a liberation that comes with screaming at the top of your lungs as you experience your partner. Vocalize what you want, how you want it, and then give your partner feedback with those vocal chords as they do a good job doing it. Just make sure to have a pillow, throat lozenger, and closable windows!

5. Masturbate in front of one another

A bold step in your intimate connection with your partner, masturbating in front of your partner while looking into their eyes, or letting them get up close to the action can be greatly empowering. Do not be surprised if sooner than later they want to join in. 

For other ways to spice up your bedroom time, try incorporating a VaHi infused lubricant. Have an exciting night!

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