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How does great sex help your body?

Have you ever laid down after a hot session with your partner and thought “that felt soooo good”? Well it turns out that not only did it feel good, but it was good for you. A great sexual encounter can have a wide range of benefits for the body. Here are just a couple of reasons why your body will thank you for giving it sexual therapy.

Boosts your sex drive

Have you ever just not felt “in the mood”? Your sex drive can fluctuate based on many different factors such as the type of birth control you use, if you are on medications or treatments, age, seasonality, lifestyle and overall happiness to name a few. While many of those factors are outside of our control, sleep and the positive hormones that flow through your body after a wild encounter are very much in our grasp!

It is no secret that once you get some, you want some more. Well if your love life has been a bit (cough cough) dry…lately, your libido will fall so that you’re not stuck wanting something you can’t get enough of. The more passionate, hot and steamy sessions you have, the more your body craves them. 

Deeper sleep and better mornings

It turns out that sex giveth, and giveth more. A steamy session before bed is not only likely to make you sleep longer, you are likely to have a deeper sleep in which your body has more time to heal and replenish itself. This means that you rise from your slumber more alert, have more focus, and more energy than you otherwise would. 

Why?  If you orgasm with a partner, it can release up to four times more prolactin than when you pleasure yourself. Prolactin is a body chemical linked to feelings of sexual satisfaction, but it has also been shown to induce sleep. Additionally, oxytocin and vasopressin, also released during orgasm, frequently accompany the release of melatonin – a hormone that regulates our internal clock and makes us sleepy. All of this means you’re in for a deeper sleep, faster. 

What else? 

We love sleep, but did you know that sleep loves you back? A study by the University of Michigan Medical School found that every 1-hour increase in sleep led to a 14 percent increase in sexual friskiness the next day. 

The same study found that women who consistently sleep longer have a better and more intense genital arousal. Who knew that your sexual encounters made you more refreshed in the morning and intensified your pleasure at night!  

At VaHi, we are constantly thinking about ways to increase your sexual experiences. Visit our products page to find more ways to explore and share mind-blowing experiences. 

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