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How to Provide an Awe-Inspiring Experience for Your Partner

How to Provide an Awe-Inspiring Experience for Your Partner

How to Provide an Awe-Inspiring Experience for Your Partner

While sex can be a 50/50 split of emotions and physical intimacy, there may be nights when you want to blow your partner away, where you want to give them the best night of their lives, a night to remember – an awe-inspiring masterpiece! Of course, this is much easier said than done. Many things go into giving your partner the perfect night, and it may take communication, personal care, and a little bit of imagination to get there.

So, what exactly goes into an awe-inspiring experience?

Understand Their Needs

Sex is about understanding and communicating both your and your partner’s needs and boundaries. While thinking about how to give your partner a fantastic night, you want to remember what their preferences are. Or, if that conversation hasn’t happened yet, this could be the perfect time to bring it up. Questions like what they like about sex, what they like to feel, what they don’t want to do, and any other details that can help you get on the right path of sexual and emotional pleasure can bring you the answers you need to get a good look into their desires.

You do not want to cross any boundaries or make them uncomfortable as you try to give them a great night. By figuring out what they need, want, and desire, you can better create a pleasurable experience for both of you and bring new spice into the bedroom.

Take Initiative

Taking the initiative in the bedroom can look like many things. First, by discussing needs and wants, you have taken the initiative to do right with your partner. Next, initiating sex in the first place. We may rely on our partner to start touching, talking dirty, or pulling us to the bedroom, but one of the ways to really impress and get the other’s blood pumping is by showing that you want to have sex first. Start to kiss, give lingering touches, or drop hints throughout the day. This begins the night with a curious excitement from their end and a strong initiative from yours.

Taking the initiative can also be used in the bedroom itself. Take charge. Show your partner who’s the boss tonight. If it is in their realm of comfortability, tie or handcuff your partner to the bed or blindfold them. These allow them to enter the unknown while you control the room. Throwing in some excitement like this can give your partner a good time while getting them eager for the next occasion.

Come Prepared

Whether condoms, lubricant, sex toys, or even lingerie, coming prepared can help the night move smoothly with no hiccups to run to the other room to grab something. By keeping yourself and your partner engrossed and mesmerized by the moment, you can keep the awe and pleasure coming without a hitch.

Preparing the scene beforehand can also create a romantic and pleasurable atmosphere to walk into. This can be trailing rose petals towards the bedroom, a dozen candles around the bed, or playing gentle music throughout the room. These preparations can help add to the experience for you and your partner.

Bring Your Confidence

One of the ways to really create an awe-inspiring and pleasurable night for your partner is to be confident in yourself. When you love yourself and take pride in your looks and emotions, it can make intimacy that much better for both of you. Confidence will show through your body language, voice, and physical excitement at that moment.

To help grow in your confidence and self-assurance, you can take time before the big night to explore yourself sexually and find where your own boundaries lay. The more you learn about yourself, the more confident you become during intimacy. You can take this opportunity to find lingerie or other outfits you feel comfortable and beautiful in. By knowing yourself inside and out and bringing that to the bedroom, you can become more open and involved during intimacy.

There are many ways to bring an awe-inspiring night to your partner. Depending on their desires and your own motivations, it can be a night you both look back on and hope for more.

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