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4 fruits you can use to WOW your partner!

There can be something magical about incorporating nature’s desserts into your bedroom activities. The unique textures, shapes, and tastes that fruit provide can be a tantalizing option to add additional delight to your intimate time with your partner. Here are five fruits that we believe work wonders when you are looking to provide that unique experience your partner will never forget!

The Cherry

By way of their size and smooth texture, cherries make great tools for stimulation. You can maximize their sensation by blindfolding your partner (or having them close their eyes), and using two or three cherries to trace patterns throughout the partner’s body. For bonus points, you can use them to stimulate and massage their sensitive skin areas such as the neck, perineum, and inner thighs. 

For added kink, you can pop those cherries in your partner’s mouth, and then into whichever orifices you would like. While it’s in, you can tease or lick the outside of that orifice, and then use your fingers to add pressure to it in a pattern. The great thing about cherries is that their stem makes it easy to pull out, and you can add multiple if you wish. 

For advanced fun, try putting some VaHi lubricant on a few and using them to massage your partner’s special parts. You can thank us later. 


Said to be the favorite fruit of Cleopatra, the fig has had a special place in history for a long time. In fact, the Greeks believed the fruit to be a gift from Dionysus – the god of wine. In addition to giving the skin a fresh youthful look, figs are believed to enhance sexual appetite and energies. 

For the advanced user, feel free to cut the fig in half, peel away some of the outside edge, and use the unique texture to massage your favorite places. 

The Apple

Similar to red wine, chocolate, and other supposed aphrodisiacs, apples contain polyphenols and antioxidants, which can stimulate blood flow to your sexual organs and help set the mood. Not to mention, their skins are rich in phloridzin, a plant-based compound that has similarities to the female sex hormone estradiol. This healthy snack may end up being your key to satisfying another healthy appetite. 

The Strawberry

Strawberries have been considered an aphrodisiac since the Roman era. In fact, the heart-shaped fruit was said to be the symbol of Venus – the goddess of love. The fruit does not just have to be for eating however…try using the natural texture for massaging the most sensitive skin areas. Have your partner bite into it and then use it to pleasure them. They will be amazed at how it feels. 

If you are looking for ways to add spice to your bedroom festivities, look no further than your local produce aisle. Nature has provided some of the best tools for hot passionate sessions that leave you and your partner wide-eyed and satisfied. 

It is important to note that with all fruit, you will want to make sure to wash off any areas the fruit was used (especially for lady parts), since fruit can have sugars that throw off the natural pH balance and cause other issues. As long as you take care of that, you will enjoy a big new world of experiences thanks to all the different fruit that are available.

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