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Bringing the 5 senses into the bedroom: Five ideas for spicing up bedroom romps

Has your sex become predictable?

It’s unfortunate, but true. Even the healthiest sexual relationships experience down periods. 

Sometimes it can feel as if you have done everything there is to do sexually, and there simply is not anything left. Other times it can feel as if you and your partner have settled into a routine of positions that you just can’t break out of. 

While your partner’s favorite positions and comfort levels with new experiences may sometimes feel limiting to what you all can do, especially after you have been in a relationship for an extended period of time, all is not lost! Try incorporating one of these techniques into your next special encounter to provide a completely different experience based on each of your five senses. 

1. Add textures

Close your eyes and imagine a soft silky material running across your face, sliding around your neck, through your buttocks, across your special parts, between your legs, and to your face. With each stroke you feel your body glide on the sheets, almost as if you are floating. Then in the midst of your silky session, you feel different textures from toys, or even your partner’s fingers as they come up and grasp your face. You feel their rough hands holding your face on one side, and the smooth sheets on the other side of your face. Then they put pressure on the inside of your legs with their thumbs as they satisfy you to your own rhythm. This is the power of textures in bed. 

2. Incorporate music

Music can increase blood flow throughout the body, increasing sensitivity and arousal, while releasing endorphins. There have been several studies that have shown there to be a direct relationship between music and a person’s emotional state…so build off of it. Try playing something whimsical and fun while you have playful sex, or hardcore while you…well, you get the point. Music can be a great way to add another dimension to your sexual encounters, especially if you think about how to incorporate the style and essence of the music you are playing into you all’s approach.  

3. Both blindfolded

Often we just have one person blindfolded, which directs the body to channel more energy and focus towards the other senses…especially that of touch. When one person is blindfolded, their skin becomes more sensitive allowing them to experience many sensations they might otherwise miss: the subtle blowing of cool air on their skin, the heat of their lover’s mouth hovering over their sensitive parts, or the tingling sensation of a finger caressing their skin ever so softly. 

Now, picture what happens if both of you are blindfolded and you can only use your mouth to make contact with your partner. In addition to the anticipation of your moments of contact, you both will experience a discovery of one another that feels like the first time! Make sure to make your thrusts and gyrations as varied and intense as your exploration of one another just was. 

4. The scents

Our nose has 400 scent receptors, and can turn 1 billion different smells into brain signals. The brain then interprets those signals and can do everything from making you salivate to relaxing your muscles. For a completely different perspective, try putting essential oils like lavender (for relaxation) or mint (for stimulation) on places like your neck, chest, and above your special parts. Then you can watch your partner experience that sensation and you all can share a completely different type of encounter. 

5. Touch the brain

Incorporating an additional stimulant such as VaHi lubricant can release even more endorphins to wash away stress, and create an out-of-this-world experience that sees you and your partner floating through space and feeling movements on a completely different level. Every nibble, lick, and taste will be transformed into a magnified experience.

VaHi is here for you when you need to experience your partner in new ways. We support adding spice to your rendezvous and deeper bonds with your partners. 

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