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New Year, New You

New Year New You

New Year New You

Each year we all make new year’s resolutions that will inevitably be forgotten by the middle of January. We all do it, and it’s okay to admit it. However, this is the year to change the pattern. This is the year to bring a new you into your relationship with yourself and your partner. Pave the way for better communication, love, and sex.

Get Yourself Excited

One of the best ways to stay focused, interested, and want more when it comes to sex is to get yourself excited. If you aren’t excited, your partner is going to notice. It will reflect in your body language and your eagerness to slip into bed. When it comes to sex, you want to do it for yourself. It could be the simple addition of communication or personal touches to raise your excitement. Communicate with your partner about what scratches that itch for you. Light some candles, play an intimate playlist, or sprinkle those rose petals. Get your own heart racing first.

Explore New Kinks

The new year is a perfect excuse to learn more about yourself. It doesn’t just have to be about trying new foods or hobbies. A new you could also include new kinks. By going online and searching up uncommon, or common, kinks and seeing which ones stand out to you, you could learn a whole new side of yourself. Bring in some BDSM toys, blindfolds, constraints, or anything that makes your heart skip a beat. This new year could bring new spice into the bedroom.

A New Position Each Month

With 12 months in a year, there is lots of room to explore and try new things. One of those new things could be new positions to try. These don’t have to only be in bed. Don’t forget you also have a living room, kitchen, and shower. Start a new year’s resolution to try a new position each month and choose your favorites with your partner. Not only can this bring a new level of excitement to intimacy, but it can also open the doors to other possible kinks and a tighter connection with your partner.

Don’t Forget About You

For many, sex may be focused on the other person, and it could be easy to forget about yourself. This new year, decide to keep yourself your own priority. You deserve to get the same pleasure from sex that your partner does. As much as you want to spoil your partner, you should also spoil yourself. Communication is one of the most important parts of this goal. Let your partner know if you don’t like something, want to pause, need to change positions, or want to add toys. The heightened communication could teach them more about you and how to pleasure you while leading you to have a more fulfilling sex life.

Foreplay Exploration

Foreplay is often forgotten when in the moment. However, foreplay can be the unsung hero to get into the moment and enjoy sex to the fullest. Foreplay allows for your body to warm up, prepare, and most importantly, get into the mindset of intimacy. Without this, the sex may not give you the effect you hope for. There are many ways to start foreplay that aren’t the usual light touches and making out. Dirty talk, day-long flirtation, pet names, or intimate teasing can have tremendous effects on the sex that comes afterward. Try adopting some new foreplay activities in the new year and see which ones get the blood pumping more.

Don’t let this new year pass by without getting to explore new avenues in yourself, your needs, and your sex life. It could be the perfect opportunity to try new things and grow a deeper connection with your partner.

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