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Five tips for adding spice to your holiday

Five Tips for Adding Spice to your Holiday

It’s true, the holidays can be a stressful time for us. It’s easy to get caught up in all of the small things that need to be done: from figuring out how to get gifts for everyone, to attending all of the work celebrations, preparing kids for school activities, and doing all of the cooking, cleaning, and decorating, just in time for the in-laws to arrive and tell you how much of a better job you could have done.

This holiday season, we want to remind you to make time for you and your partner to emotionally and physically reconnect. Here are a few tips for turning the heat up once it gets cold outside.

1. Buy a new toy

Whether it is a bigger toy that you all can whip out when you finally get the house to yourselves or a smaller toy that you can squeeze into a quick tease, nothing adds spice like experimenting with new gadgets and the discovered sensations they bring with them. Use the toys to stimulate different body parts that have not been stimulated recently, or to add a fresh feel to some of the positions you all are comfortable doing already. For bonus points, you can get a small toy like the silent panty stimulator that can be used around others without them knowing. Give your partner the remote and have fun exchanging looks knowing that you two are in on something no one else knows about.

2. Share some sexy thoughts

Nothing gets the fire sparked like occupying your partner’s mind. Send them racy texts that get progressively more provocative as the day goes on. Mention what you want to do to them, and how you want them to treat you while you’re doing it. Talk dirty to them. Sneak off and take risque pics to send to them. Bring up some things they love doing to you, and talk about how much you can’t wait for them to do it to you.

3. Share some knowledge

Trap your partner in a bathroom, closet, or call them over to help you with “something” and then surprise them with felatio. Whisper to them how much you want them and tell them all the things you love about them while pleasuring them. For added intimacy, look in their eyes while you perform on them.

4. Play with lighting and sound

When you do get time alone together, you will want to make it as special as possible. One of the ways to do this is to create a one-of-a-kind sound and lighting experience. Try changing the lighting theme in the bedroom to a rich color such as red, purple, or blue. Then look for a soundtrack that both matches the color lighting, as well as the type of energy you want to embody in your rendezvous. For example, you might try a red light theme and put on a jungle beat or an action-movie-style soundtrack.

5. Soar while you explore

What’s better than leading your partner down a path of ecstasy? The answer is feeling weightless while at the same time feeling every sensation, every touch, and every movement that your partner makes. This is the power of the ovule lubricant and pleasure balm! When it comes to a stimulating tantalizing experience, you can have it all.

From our team at Vahi, we wish you a great holiday season, and let us know which of these works the best for you!

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