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6 mind-blowing statistics about sexual health habits

Have you ever wondered what everyone else is doing? It’s natural to be curious, especially if you have been with one partner for an extended period of time. Here are 6 statistics about sexual preferences, health, and habits that just might blow your mind. If they don’t, I’m sure you can think of another way to accomplish that.

Yeah, we’re talking about the big O

According to, 75% of men always have an orgasm during sex, while only 29% of women report the same level of satisfaction. According to the National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior (NSSHB), 64% of women say they had an orgasm during their last encounter. A study from Indiana University Bloomington reported that men orgasm 85.1% of times during sex, regardless of their sexual orientation. Heterosexual women report a 61.6% orgasm rate, while lesbian womens’ rate is 74.7%, and bisexual womens’ rate is at 58%.

Oh so you like that, huh?

No judgement here! According to a study cited by Men’s Journal, 33% of fetishes (the most common) have to do with a specific body part like body weight or feet. Objects associated with the body, like shoes, came in second place at 30%. 

Who said you need a partner?

According to Men’s Journal, 60% of men ages 18 to 59, reported masturbating in the last month, compared to 37.8% of women. Among men 70 and older, 27.9% reported masturbating in the last month, while only 11.5% of women reported this. In both men and women, the ages of 25-29 were the most likely to report masturbating in the last month. 

No, it’s not just for the youngsters

According to an AARP study cited by, individuals over the age of 45 say sexual activity is a very important part of their lives and has a direct impact on the quality of their life. 36% of study participants stated that they had sexual intercourse at least once a week. Older individuals, who are not active between the sheets, stated declining health as the culprit.

Wait, you said how many times?

The National Opinion Research Center found that individuals aged 18-29 have sex 84 times per year, individuals in their 40s have sex 63 times per year, and by age 70, it happens about 10 times per year. But, who’s counting?! 

What’s in your nightstand drawer?

According to data from adult store Adam and Eve, $15 billion is spent each year on sex toys and 82% of adults use them. The research also stated that about half of women in the U.S. use vibrators. You go, girls!

Now, you stop that! This is not the time to compare ourselves to “the norm.” Sexual experiences, habits, fantasies, and desires vary from person to person, so there is no “norm.” What is most important is that you feel safe and satisfied with your sexual habits.

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