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5 ways to come out of your sexual shell

Everyone has a different relationship with sexuality which is why it’s such a beautiful and unique journey. No matter what barriers you are experiencing, coming out of your sexual shell can be both liberating and gratifying! Here are 5 ways to find the experiences you desire and the pleasure that you deserve, no matter where your journey through sexuality takes you.

Make the decision for yourself

If you desire more satisfaction or are looking for enhanced excitement, it should be a decision that you make, not anyone else. While sexuality can be shared with other people, sexuality is empowering by nature because you’re in control of your body and what you do with it. When you decide to explore more or delve deeper into what your body craves, it starts with you, not anyone else. When the idea comes from you, that’s when you’ll find the most pleasing results.

Take a look down there

That’s right; start out by grabbing a hand mirror and taking a look at yourself down there. Drop all of the shame and stigma so that you can embrace what you have and feel empowered to experiment. Appreciate your beauty and get to know what you’re working with before you start actually… working with it. Sometimes individuals don’t spend enough time getting to know their own bodies before they try and invite someone else in their personal space. (It’s also good for your health!)

Get in touch with your body

Many of us are moving at super fast speeds all day, always connected to technology, and leaving little time for ourselves. Slow down and make a deeper connection with your own body such as walking barefoot or sleeping naked. Move your body in new ways such as dancing, running, or just rolling around in the grass. If you’ve lost connection with your body, or haven’t truly ever had it, these things can help you start to rekindle that relationship again. 

Send love to your body

It’s hard to embrace our beautiful imperfections when our Instagram feeds are full of unrealistic images that tug at our inner emotions. Look at your body in a full-length mirror, really hone in on the parts you don’t like, and speak to it kindly. Your body is a wonderful thing, so it’s time to start practicing positive affirmations and treating it as it deserves to be treated. You don’t need someone else to tell you that you’re beautiful; it all starts with your thoughts and your words.

Don’t be so shy

There is nothing wrong with keeping your intimate moments private, but finding aids to help with exploration isn’t taboo anymore. Consider using a vibrator, oils, erotica books, and tune in to what gets you in the mood. There’s nothing wrong with experimentation on your own; it could teach you a lot about what you like, what excites you, and how your body responds to touch. Open your mind to things that can help you find your body again.

Have you lost yourself? Are you in a rut? Are you bored and ready for something more exciting? Getting out of your shell can be an empowering experience and can lead you to some truly amazing moments with your partner or by yourself. Make personal goals for yourself and dedicate time that’s just for you.

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