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Does cold weather affect your sex drive?

Depending on where you live, the leaves are probably changing colors, and winter is looming around the corner. If we don’t have enough things already impacting our sex drive and distracting us from prioritizing pleasure, now we have winter. So how exactly does winter affect our bedroom desires and what can we do to combat those feelings?

What are testosterone and estrogen up to?

Libido has been linked to estrogen and testosterone, and studies have shown that the more you have, the more desire you’ll feel. Both testosterone and estrogen levels seem to be at their peak in fall and start to drop from there. Because winter occurs when levels are dropping, this might be why you feel less inclined to be intimate with your partner.

We always knew vitamin D was good for something!

Many researchers believe that the reason testosterone levels are at their peak in the fall is because they’ve been building up all summer. Winter means shorts days and minimal sunlight which can affect our vitamin D levels. Lower levels of vitamin D can cause lower levels of testosterone, which can cause lower libido! Phew! Erectile dysfunction has also been associated with low vitamin D levels. 

Are we there yet?

Undressing your partner can be quite the commitment with all of those winter layers! Many may find bulky layers of clothing less seductive than a skin-showing outfit or more accessible wardrobe. Whether you’re not feeling sexy or you’re not feeling turned on by your partner bundle up like a marshmallow, it’s okay to admit that you’re just not into it. 

Here come the blues

Seasonal affective disorder is a real thing, and can affect individuals in a variety of intensities. Minimal sunlight during winter can cause a drop in brain chemicals that regulate mood, such as serotonin, which has the ability to contribute to well-being. We all have our moments when we’re not “in the mood,” but we might experience a little extra of those feelings when we’re cooped up inside and it’s dark early in the evening.

It’s just another thing for the list 

While it’s easy to blame winter, the shorter days, and colder weather, there might be another culprit responsible for your low sex drive. Don’t just jump to generalizations; be sure that you’re tackling the right problem and not the easiest, most convenient, target. Everyone reacts to seasons differently, and all couples and individuals handle the winter months in their own way. There will be plenty of you who read this who have a higher sex drive in the winter (good for you!), so there isn’t a mold that holds true for everyone. There is actually research out there that shows that some people are hornier in the winter months!

Be patient with yourself and with your partner this season. While we’ve had a socially-distanced summer and fall, winter is hitting a little harder than usual this year. Find new ways to connect with your partner, even if that doesn’t involve being naked under the covers. Keeping the spark alive will be especially important this season, so think of ways to make intimacy a priority, and make your partner feel comfortable and loved.

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