Which one is for you?

(We think all of them.)

With all natural ingredients each of our products is meant with you and your needs in mind.

Ovule Sensual Lubricant

Coconut oil and cacao butter based 1.5ml suppository, 20mg all natural and full spectrum CBD, 10 pouches individually wrapped per box-Insert one ovule vaginally and thank us later

Lip Luster

“For your other lips.” our signature formula in a convienent no mess .5oz mini glide package with 250mg full spectrum CBD

Pleasure Balm

Coconut oil and cacao butter based 2oz 500mg full spectrum CBD pleasure balm for the entire body lightly scented with vanilla.

Ease Rectal Insert

Coconut oil and cocoa butter based 2mL fill suppository, 30mg all natural and full spectrum CBD, 12 individually packaged per box-Insert one suppository rectally and have fun exploring

Human Sunshine T

No matter if it is grey or bright, you have all the power to shine every day.  Our “human sunshine” t-shirt  will give you the extra boost , or exclamation mark you want. 

Yumminess T

Yumminess is a 5 senses word. What if what we  see, taste, hear, smell and feel is all yummy? wouldn’t life be grand?  This sassy little t-shirt will brighten anyones day.


Vahi customers are gushing

(pun intended)

“All women, they need this.”

– Jenny

“Made me feel more sensual.”

– Cindy

“It dissolved quickly and I liked how it lubricated.”

– Kelly

“A nice alternative to reduce pain, and I felt moisturized in the morning.”

– Susan

“The best sex I’ve ever had.”

– Erica

“The size is perfect and convenient.”

– Shannon

What are you waiting for?