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Embrace your O!

After years as a professional Chef, Renee Kelly, founder of Vahi, set out to make a real difference in the lives of women. Her vision was create sensual products and a culture that ignites the power and elegance of a woman.

It all was inspired in 2017 by one of Renée’s mentors, Lee—a craniosacral therapist focusing on newborns and their mothers. As an observer, Lee found that the woman’s body is fascinating and goes through significant of changes during life. There must be a way to have elegance and fun during any season of life. With that, Renée was charged with using her “cheffing abilities” to figure out a potion to help ignite some fun and pleasure for all.

After 18 months of testing, it was potion number 9 that worked. The original number 9 was paired with CBD ghostwriter and became our Pleasure Balm—and our basic formula. One would think this was our flagship product, but no. Renée has a tendency to persistently ask how to make it better.

There is nothing less sensual than reaching for a tube or jar in the heat of the moment, and then squeezing or pumping a sticky fluid on your hand and rubbing it on the parts—hoping it gets where it’s supposed to go. All leading to the next question: where do you put the rest—on you, on your partner, or on your fresh, clean sheets? That’s when Renée came up with the moulded Ovule, our flagship hausarbeiten kaufen product.

Shortly after, we pushed out the blissful Lip Luster making application virtually mess free.

Vahi is here to keep your vibe high all day long, every day. When you are happy and radiant, you can change anything. If it all starts with a great orgasm, so be it.

Crafted using only natural ingredients, with you and your needs in mind.

Vahi creates all natural and organic products for professionals—with the intention of empowering women through community.

We source traceable ingredients to nourish bodies—and work with companies who contribute to the integrity of our platform, the arbeiten schreiben lassen community and the earth. Our lipid based products nourish the skin creating the most sensual feel. Formulated by a woman, for women. Contains less than .3% THC.

Here’s what our clients are saying.

The size is perfect and convenient.

All women, they need this.

Made me feel more sensual.

It dissolved quickly and I liked how it lubricated.

A nice alternative to reduce pain, and I felt moisturized in the morning.

The best sex I've ever had.

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